Star Wars Squadrons: Does It Have VR, Supported Headsets

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Star Wars Squadrons drops players into tense online dogfights, giving them control over a wide range of iconic Star Wars starfighters. It has a single player campaign, and even VR functionality. In this Star Wars Squadrons VR guide we'll take a look at the supported headsets and everything else you need to know about playing the game in VR.


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Does Star Wars Squadrons Have VR Functionality?

Star Wars Squadrons can be played in VR in its entirety. You'll be able to enjoy the single player campaign and even jump into online battles in VR. The game was clearly designed for VR from the ground up, and there are no compromises when playing it with a headset. It's arguably easier to play in VR, given how you can look around while flying more easily.


Supported Headsets

Squadrons is available on a wide range on VR headsets. Here's the full list:

  • Valve Index
  • HTC Vive
  • WMR
  • Rift S
  • Rift
  • Quest (via Link)
  • PSVR (only on PlayStation)


Can You Play Without VR

You can play the entirety of Star Wars Squadrons without a VR Headset if you wish. It features full controller functionality and is very playable online in this setup. While the game has VR functionality in mind it's clearly been developed to be enjoyed without a headset.

That's all you need to know about playing Star Wars Squadrons in VR. For more on the game be sure to keep an eye out for more guides as we release them. Keep this page bookmarked!