Star Wars: Squadrons may be free on PlayStation Plus in June

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After less than one year from its release, Star Wars: Squadrons may be available on PlayStation Plus in June. Areajugones reports that Star Wars: Squadrons, Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown, and Operation Tango will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in June. Areajuones is a website that continues to predict what games will arrive on PlaySation Plus before they arrive.

Despite the excitement surrounding these games, none of them have been confirmed. This information must still be viewed with a grain of salt, even if the source is credible. Sega will have to confirm on May 27th if Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is indeed going to be on PlayStation Plus. Once we establish that the information is accurate, we can determine that the rest is as well.


EA would be smart to release Star Wars: Squadrons for free

In reality, EA may have not planned for the lackluster response to Star Wars: Squadrons. Since EA lost its exclusive rights to Star Wars, Ubisoft and Lucasfilm Games are vying for the Star Wars crown. EA may be releasing the game for free on PlayStation Plus to build a bigger community around the game as they attempt to make more Star Wars games.

For Titanfall 2, EA used this same strategy to great effect. Titanfall 2 was a great game, but media surrounding the game initially discouraged some gamers from purchasing it. Titanfall 2 has performed well since being released to Steam, meaning this may prove that PlayStation Plus is an effective strategy for increasing sales over the long run.

Even though this is a slightly weak month for PS Plus if this list is accurate, it's still nice to see a game launched less than a year ago given away for free. There are many games that launched last fall, and some fans may not have thought that Star Wars: Squadrons was worth the time and money. Assuming that the leak is accurate, Star Wars Squadrons will be available to all PS Plus members in June along with the two other games.