Star Wars: Squadrons - How to Play in 120FPS on Xbox Series X!

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Xbox Series X fans rejoice, for you once again have something to hold over Playstation 5 players.

A Star Wars: Squadrons update has added a bunch of new support for both next-gen consoles, the Xbox Series X and PS5, like lighting and graphical enhancements.

But the dream framerate of 120FPS has only arrived on Xbox Series X!


If you want to know how to turn on the 120FPS mode, we’ll let you know down below!

But also, how does this bode for the PS5’s future? Could Sony be set to lose the lead they had from last-gen if Xbox can always outperform on games?

How to Play Star Wars: Squadron in 120FPS on Xbox Series X

If you want to play Star Wars: Squadrons at 120FPS, it isn’t too challenging.

Firstly, you’ll want to head over to the game’s settings and look for the visual options once you’ve downloaded the new update.

Once here, just toggle your game between enhanced visuals or enhanced performance depending on your preference.


For 4K gaming, you’ll want better visuals, and for 120FPS gaming, you’ll want improved performance!

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Why No 120FPS on PS5?

PS5 is a bit weirder than fans might realise at first glance.

On Xbox Series X, Microsoft are allowing developers to simply patch backwards compatible games to turn them into Series X games, this includes easy addition of 4K and 120FPS.

Though for the PS5, developers need to create a whale new port of their games to be able to upgrade them. 

It’s why the was all the faff with the Spider-man Remaster, and why Rocket League and CoD: Warzone both also only support 120FPS on PS5!

Hopefully, Sony will find a workaround in the long run, otherwise, gamers wanting the best experience may start hopping over to Xbox.