Star Wars Dark Forces II Looks Insane In Unreal Engine 4

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Did you ever play the Dark Forces titles? The first, a Star Wars first-person shooter starring Kyle Katarn, a Rebel Mercenary, was in many ways a DOOM game in the Star Wars universe.

Its sequel, Jedi Knight, however, was a stone-cold classic, adding force powers and a much more open series of levels.

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Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight Looks Insane In Unreal Engine 4

While the games undoubtedly haven't aged all that well, a new standalone download from game developer Acke Hallgren allows players to walk around the second game's initial opening.

You can't fire your blaster, but the 'Rimmers Rest Recreation' adds some stunning new effects and details that make the game's opening area feel like it's been ripped straight from one of the more recent movies in the franchise.

Check out the side-by-side video below:

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Hallgren also worked on Second Extinction, which dropped onto Xbox Game Pass earlier this week.

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