Koei Tecmo Want to Make a Star Wars Musou Game

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Respawn, Ubisoft, and Quantic Dream aren’t the only publishers interested in Star Wars, as Koei Tecmo has shown interest too. Having previously collaborated on Fire Emblem, Persona, One Piece, and other spin-offs, they've set their sights on a galaxy far far away.

Speaking with JP Games for an interview, Koei Tecmo producer Akihiro Suzuki was asked which IP he would like to turn into a Musou (Dynasty Warriors-style) game. Unsurprisingly, Suzuki expressed interest in making a Star Wars Musou game in the future.

Koei Tecmo Want to Make a Star Wars Musou Game

Previous Koei Tecmo collaborations with other franchises usually retain Dynasty Warriors' combat, adapted to better fit the series in question. There's no guarantee this will ever happen, but considering EA loses it's exclusive rights to Star Wars next year, there's a stronger possibility now than before.

Of course, this would depend on conversations between Koei Tecmo, Lucasfilm Games, and Disney. Right now, no Star Wars Musou games from Koei Tecmo have been announced. What we do know is that Respawn is currently working on three Star Wars games, including a sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order.

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