Is A Knights Of The Old Republic Console Port On The Way?

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Does Knights of the Old Republic have a remake on the way?

We aren't 100% sure but that won't stop us fuelling the hype train a little bit more!

Here's everything we know about the current rumours around the series.

What Are The Rumours?

Well, it’s a bit of a stretch but we have two separate pieces of info.

The first is a Reddit post that needs to be taken with about as many pinches of salt as you can!

The user, u/OrcaOrcaisnotalone has been upvoted many times and has these details:

  1. "upscaled version of the mobile ports"
  2. "digital only"
  3. "releasing in Q3 of 2021"
  4. "will be 30 Dollars for both games"

They also allege that KOTOR “wont be the only classic star wars game to get a port this year.”

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On its own, this really isn’t a lot.

Anyone can set up a Reddit account and post whatever they want.

Though this adds to the information that Aspyr Media is currently recruiting for an unannounced AAA RPG.

Aspyr is the team behind the iOS port of Knights of the Old Republic II as well as the Switch and PS4 ports of the Jedi Knights games.

Potentially the studio is gearing up to remaster the KOTOR games for console, and perhaps they’re planning a sequel!

This is all too far into the realm of speculation, but Star Wars games build up hype very easily.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens next!

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