New Star Wars Hunters Trailer Highlights Frenetic Fanservice

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Zynga and LucasFilm released a new Star Wars Hunters trailer highlighting some of what we can expect from the upcoming MOBA when it releases on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch in 2022.

The trailer opens with two opposing fighters facing off, before gradually introducing more contestants until the field is swarming with Jawas, Storm Troopers, particularly aggressive Wookies, and more Star Wars paraphernalia than you can shake an Ewok at.


It's all in good fun, though. Rather than being a new chapter in some intergalactic war, Star Wars Hunters revolves around staged arena fights hosted to entertain millions. In fact, Hunters takes place long after the Empire's fall.

"Today’s reveal gives viewers their first look at the Arena, a competitive, spectator stadium attracting Hunters from the far reaches of the galaxy to seek their fortunes,” Bernard Kim, president of publishing at Zynga, said in a statement.

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New Star Wars Hunters Trailer Highlights Frenetic Fanservice

The fanservice so prominently on display gives us a good idea what we'll be getting to grips with once we enter the field.


The Wookie wields what looks like dual-purpose shield hammers, there's a Jedi, a lightsaber-wielding robot, bounty hunters, Jawas hurling thermal detonators, vehicles galore - it's a hectic hodgepodge that hopefully we'll see in action soon enough.

Meanwhile, we've got a rundown on who each character is in the trailer.

  • Grozz - Wookie warrior who excels at disarming foes
  • Mandalorian bounty hunter - justice-loving warrior who wields a flamethrower
  • Utooni - Jawa scrappers with multiple gadgets at their disposal
  • J-3DI - A droid who thinks they're a Jedi and has the saber skills to match
  • Rieve - A Sith warrior intent on sowing chaos in the arenas
  • Imara Vex - Vicious bounty hunter who's never lost a match before
  • Slingshot - Droid-riding warrior who's favorite thing is roadkill
  • Sentinel - leftover Stormtrooper who refuses to see the suns set on their imperial dream
  • Zaina - New Republic hero and blaster fighter

While the trailer shows just one arena, Zynga said the final game will feature multiple arenas drawn from numerous Star Wars locations.

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