Disney Tease Reveal for New Star Wars Game in Product Campaign

Disney and Lucasfilm has formally launched 'Bring Home the Bounty', a global "consumer products, games, and publishing campaign." Releasing something Star Wars-related every week, we've got a potential game reveal on the horizon.

Providing a calendar which include figures, clothes, Funko Pops, shoes and more, December 14th entry represents a gaming controller. As such, that's brought on speculations that we may see a new Star Wars game unveiled around that time.

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Disney Tease Reveal for New Star Wars Game in Product Campaign

Some potential games that could be revealed as part of this new campaign include the open-world Star Wars being handled by Ubisoft. Another is an unannounced title rumoured to be in development under Quantic Dream.

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As for EA's Star Wars games, Lucasfilm's licencing contract with the company expires soon, though there may still be games developed under their wing. However, VGC reports that there won't be any new game announcements until 2022.

Any thoughts about the new campaign and potential game reveal on December 14? Make sure to follow us for more Star Wars news and updates.

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