EA’s working to fix Star Wars: Squadrons campaign medals

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If you’ve completed the Star Wars: Squadrons campaign, you might have noticed that some of your in-game medals haven’t unlocked.

Xbox One users who finished the story mode, in many cases, didn’t get their Xbox Live achievements for doing so; folks on PS4 aren’t getting their trophies, either.


Thankfully, EA has responded to the issue with a tweet reassuring players that it’s being investigated and should get patched soon.

“The team is currently working to fix an issue in Star Wars: Squadrons where campaign medals aren’t being saved after completion for some players,” the EA Help account said. “Thanks for the reports.”

One Xbox One player I spoke with said he completed all 14 missions of the campaign, but only received credit for missions 10 through 14.

“It wiped my medals for missions one through nine,” he told me. Similarly, I beat the campaign but didn’t get the Xbox Live achievement for doing so.


If you’ve already played through the story once and have considered playing through a second time for the sake of the achievements or trophies, I’d maybe sit tight till EA rolls out a fix.

Squadrons launched October 2 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with full HOTAS and VR support (minus VR support on the Xbox One). It’s the best Star Wars game in years.

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