Star Wars Battlefront 3: Latest News, Rumours, And Everything We Know

Star Wars Battlefront saw a revival this last generation through EA, bringing us two new entries across 2015 and 2017 from Battlefield developers DICE. While Battlefront II was significantly criticised, significant updates saw an improved reception with players, which came to an end in April 2020.

Since then, fans have wondered whether further entries could be on the cards, and one prominent leaker has alleged further details. While it's rather unlikely at this time, here's what we've heard about a potential Star Wars Battlefront 3.

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Star Wars Battlefront 3 - Latest News

Speaking on Twitter, known leaker Tom Henderson revealed details about an alleged Battlefront 3 pitch. Reportedly, DICE put this forward to EA but were turned down due to licencing costs. Reportedly, “it got turned down because it takes 20% more sales to make the same money.”

However, EA's far from done with the series. Henderson states "there are currently two Star Wars titles in development under EA," but are more "story-driven/single-player" than multiplayer. One of those is almost certainly a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel, but the other project isn't as clear.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 - Premise

Right now, that's unclear. Battlefront II saw us follow Iden Versio, a former Imperial special ops commander that defected to the New Republic. Battlefront II's Resurrection DLC saw Iden's demise, ruling out a continuation of her story, but Battlefront 3 could perhaps focus on her daughter, Zay Versio.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 - Is It Likely?

At this time, no. Henderson elaborated further in his thread, saying that "several key developers" who worked on Battlefront have left DICE in the last 12 months, including creative director Dennis Bränvall.

Furthermore, EA's due to lose their exclusive Star Wars licence in 2023, and we've already seen Ubisoft and Aspyr Media working on Star Wars projects. While EA Star Wars games are supposedly working on further games, if licencing costs are truly a prohibitive factor, we're not betting on further Battlefront games yet.

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