Is KOTOR worth playing in 2021?

Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) has been said to be the greatest Star Wars game ever made, and there's good reasons why. From the profound choices, the famous plot twist to the unique combat system was terrific. However, even though they were incredible for their time, many fans argue they still hold up today.

You can get KOTOR on steam and mobile devices for $9.99, which is a reasonable price for a game that is almost 18 years old. KOTOR's graphics and its tutorial are the only things that are outdated about the game; the rest of it is on par with today's indie standards. For some reason, if you have yet to check out the game, there's no better time than right now.

Why is KOTOR so loved?

This game makes players feel like a Jedi in ways that no other game does. There will be multiple instances where NPCs will ask the player to make difficult choices, and KOTOR will test the player's chosen side of the force. Bad decisions affect numerous parts of the game, including the ending, and there is a natural pull toward the dark side since it is more powerful.

This game is an older RPG and doesn't hold your hand when you act rashly. Saving often is a good idea, as some puzzles can be failed and never tried again. The player is not deterred from going into a fight they are sure to lose, either, and health items can sometimes be scarce.

Mobile and PC versions are the same, so they both work the same. People who prefer using a mouse over a touchscreen should use the PC, as there is a lot of clicking.

Fans should definitely check out KOTOR for themselves if they want to understand why it was so well-loved that KOTOR warranted a remake. Those who wonder can rest assured that KOTOR is a worthwhile game today.

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