5 Things we want from a Mandalorian video game

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A video game based on the Mandalorians is reportedly in the works by Xbox. As explained by Stealth Optional, the Mandalorian was leaked because @Shpeshal_Ed thought he saw a Mandalorian pop in Phil Spencer's shelf. That was not a Mandalorian pop and he was forced to reveal that the real reason was because he was informed by a source of his own.


Those who love the Star Wars universe will be thrilled to hear this news because the Mandalorian is popular and well-liked by most fans. This means that there are developers who are carefully considering what to add to the game. The following five things are essential for a Mandalorian video game:

Let this be in the same timeline as the TV show

The Mandalorians have been around for a long time and are found throughout the Star Wars canon. It would be better for the first Mandalorian-focused game not to stray from the era they see in The Mandalorian TV show. This will allow fans to meet recurring characters like Grogu (baby Yoda) and Din Djaren (The Mandalorian).


Don't let us play as Din Djaren

Playing as Din Djaren might be nice, but it doesn't mean the developers should emphasize it. A delicate balance exists in the Lore of a character when the character is displayed in a TV show. Neither the TV show nor the tie-in games can contradict each other, thus making things more complex overall.

A best-case scenario is to make an entirely new character who can do their own thing and occasionally meet more significant characters. For example, Jedi: Fallen Order did this incredibly well and allowed players to see Darth Vader without ruining the Lore.


Give us open worlds to explore with our own ship

KOTOR 1 & 2 and Jedi: Fallen Order are great examples of how fun it can be to travel around the Star Wars universe. It would be nice for a Mandalorian to use his ship as a base of operations between worlds, even though he would probably not have any allies to chat with on his ship. In an open world, players have the chance to scout and take advantage of situations that they create, making them feel more like a Mandalorian.


Give us a customizable Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster

Jedi customize their lightsabers in Star Wars games, which helps them define their character's playstyles. The Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster was made incredibly popular by Djin Djaren. A Mandalorian player character might design this weapon themselves to make it unique to their playthrough.

Bounties and Monster Hunter Missions

The Mandalorian game wouldn't be very accurate if the Mandalorian didn't kill things for credits. The Witcher 3 has mastered this process very well, making Monster Hunts both a thing to study and a part of the way the game is played. With these kinds of side quests, the game would be considered an authentic Mandalorian experience.