Star Wars Eclipse Could Be Several Years Away From Release

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Star Wars Eclipse was officially confirmed last week, but we may not see it for a while. Following rumours of a Quantic Dream developed entry, Eclipse was formally unveiled during The Game Awards 2021, taking place in The High Republic era of Star Wars.

No release window was given during this ceremony, though now, we might know why. According to industry insider Tom Henderson, Eclipse is currently believed to be around 3-4 years away" at a minimum. Furthermore, he claims Quantic Dream are struggling to hire staff, citing 60+ job openings for the Paris team and nine for Montreal's team

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Star Wars Eclipse Could Be Several Years Away From Release

As for why they're struggling, Quantic Dream's Paris branch has previously been subject to hostile workplace allegations, something Henderson vaguely alludes to in his tweets. Eclipse is also confirmed to be an "action-adventure, multiple-character branching narrative game," so this may be new ground for the studio.


At this time, we don't have much to go on beyond Eclipse's initial reveal trailer. While no platforms are currently confirmed, there's no guarantee it'll be multiplatform on consoles, as we've recently seen for the Knights of the Old Republic remake. Soon as we hear more, we'll be sure to keep you informed.