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Will Stalker 2 Be On The PS5? Full Details, Platforms and Everything We Know


Stalker 2 is finally becoming a reality and it's not just PC players that get to enjoy the fun, Xbox players can. After more than 10 years of waiting the game is finally entering the final stages of development but PlayStation players are wondering if


Stalker 2 PS5 Release

The game will be available on PC as it has previously in older titles as well as Xbox due to the fact it's a console exclusive - sorry PlayStation players! Stalker 2's official site states the PC version will release at the same time as that of the Xbox.

Ultimately, this means that Stalker 2 won't be available on PS5 at launch. GSC Game World has also stated in a recent interview that there are no plans for a PS5 release of the game.

However, leaked documents have revealed that the Xbox exclusivity window for the game is just 3 months. So, it is possible for the game to release on PS5 anytime after then.

Keep in mind as well, that developers in the past have said that their games wouldn't come to the opposing console, but ended up doing so. So, hope for a PS5 release of Stalker 2 isn't lost.

Stalker 2 Details

We don't know a whole lot about Stalker 2 right now, but we do know that it takes place in an irradiated zone in Chernobyl and follows Skif, a lone wanderer and the protagonist of the story.

You can catch up with everything we know about the game here.

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