Tower of Fantasy 2.0: Vera is the definitive ToF experience

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A Tower of Fantasy protagonist

If you're thinking about hopping into the vast world of Tower of Fantasy for the first time, or you played the game at launch and want to come back, now is the best moment to do so! The Tower of Fantasy 2.0: Vera update has launched and with it comes a ton of new content for you to explore as an existing player, or a definitive list if you're just now starting your adventure across Aida.

This update brings new regions, bosses, end-game activities, stories, and so much more. On top of that, the game's recent launch on Steam means it's now even easier to get into one of the biggest free-to-play adventures of 2022.

This update is absolutely massive. And with it arriving mere months after the launch of the base game, there's likely more to come. You're surely going to be able to sink a lot of hours exploring the world and taking on all the new content that this update has to offer. So if you're looking for something to keep you busy over the quickly approaching holiday season, the Tower of Fantasy 2.0: Vera update could very well be the answer.

Welcome to Desert Vera and Mirroria!

Right away, the first things that you'll be exposed to in the new update are the two new zones, Desert Vera and Mirroria.

The Desert Vera is as harsh a landscape as they come and a far cry from the colourful world you enter at the start of the game. It's filled with environmental hazards such as sandstorms and quicksand, as well as a bunch of monsters that you'll have to fend off for a variety of reasons.

The landscape is also littered with tall rock pillars. With robust photography tools built in, the gargantuan towers present the perfect opportunity for the selfie slayers out there to head out into the wilderness to bag that social-ready shot.

Two images of Tower of Fantasy's world alongside each other
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Standing in the centre of this harsh desert is the cyberpunk city of Mirroria. As a beacon of refuge for Aida's survivors, it also holds dangers and conflicts that are incredibly rewarding if you decide to get involved.

There are also some key landmarks in the city, such as the Mirafleur Hall hotel, the Oasis club, and the Archives, which hold a bunch of information about Vera for any up-and-coming lore fiends among us.

And to make getting around just that little bit easier, subway stations make up a vast transport network that should go a long way in helping you quickly track down all of the unique NPCs scattered about the place.

Keep your eyes open and you might be so lucky as to spot some of the collectable Mira currency while you're at it.

A dinosaur-like creature in Tower of Fantasy
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Tackle new and terrifying tyrants

As mentioned earlier, these two new and impressive biomes house more monsters and enemies to pick fights with. Beyond the usual rabble are two new hulking world bosses you'll find making their mark on the Desert Vera: Magma and Rudolph.

Magma, likely the first you'll come across on your travels around Vera, is a crocodile-like monstrosity. With scales all over its body, it's able to use the winds and surrounding sand to construct walls to trap you or shield itself from your attacks. So long as you're aware of its potential, you should be able to devise the strategy needed to take it on.

The second, Rudolph, takes on the appearance of a Moose-like creature. It stomps around and tramples anything that's unlucky enough to land under its hooves. Though not as magically adept as Magma, at first sight, you'll certainly want to focus on using ranged attacks to steer clear of its powerful answers to anyone who gets too close.

A flying eyeball-like object in Tower of Fantasy
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New Vera end-game activities

As you're journeying through Vera, you may encounter some interesting oddities known as the Greyspace. Greyspace is a new end-game activity in Tower of Fantasy 2.0: Vera that's ready and waiting to challenge the strongest players.

Once you're around and ready to throw down, you'll face some of the toughest enemies in Vera, collectively known as Greyspace Entities, such as Abyssant Weavers and Devourers.

Abyssant Weavers summon doppelgangers of themselves to top up their energy reserves in a pinch. If you can beat them, there's a high chance to earn very high-quality gear with flame or frost stats for taking on bigger and badder opponents yet to come.

The desert from Tower of Fantasy Vera
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On the other hand, the Abyssant Devourers are massive whale-like enemies that shoot off deadly energy rays. Beating them will also yield some incredibly high-quality gear that should go a long way in ensuring you're ready for whatever else Hotta Studio cooks up for future Tower of Fantasy content drops.

But the Greyspace isn't the only end-game challenge in Vera. In Mirroria, a new foe awaits you: the Puppet Singer. Its high mobility paired with its deadly windblades makes its potent dashing attacks more capable of killing you than they first appear.

Defeating this terrifying enemy can drop high-quality gear with Volt or Physical stats, which should suit a good proportion of the playable Tower of Fantasy characters already out there.

Tower of Fantasy key art, featuring a young girl waving at the camera.
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New story and characters

While the two new regions being introduced to the game offer up a lot to do, there's even more to take on, with a brand new story and characters to meet. You'll meet some new characters such as Saki Fuwa and Ruby. You'll get involved in their storyline while researching the Abyssant Entities and trying to locate Shirli's lost brother, Zeke.

But the content doesn't stop here. As you venture out into the world of Vera and explore Desert Vera and Mirroria, there are a bunch of missions to do for various NPCs. New events, raids, instances, enemies, vehicles, weapons, and locations unlock as you dive deeper into the rich and ever-expanding world with Tower of Fantasy 2.0: Vera.


As we mentioned earlier, the new Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update is completely free to all players, and you now have more options on how to play the game than ever. The game is available on iOS, Android, Steam, and through the game's official standalone client on PC. So be sure to jump in and play the new Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Vera update today!

You can also follow the game's social media accounts for further updates, including Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and Instagram.

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