Comparing eSports and Online Casinos: Differences and Similarities

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In some countries, such as Malaysia, being an eSports player is as important and popular as being a football or basketball player. Such players are referred to as e-athletes. This fact should not surprise you - the gaming industry is growing unstoppable. Today, 70+ million people worldwide watch electronic sports competitions. Sportsbooks embraced the trend and started to offer betting on eSports with Dota 2 and LoL sections. The prize pools often match jackpots, granting players multiple winning opportunities. Besides, the two niches of e-sports and online casinos are strikingly similar, and there is a thin line that divides them. Would you like to see where they intercept? Keep reading and find out.

Accessibility & Widespread appeal

Crafted for PC and Mac users, both entertainment genres embraced mobile users. Yet, accessing eSports differs from playing at an online casino. If a platform wants to be the best online casino in Canada, it has to use HTML5 as fuel power.

For users, the technology allows access from virtually any device, whether we discuss smartphones, tablets, or personal computers. Running a game doesn't require powerful software, no matter how visually impressive the title looks. Casino players access their favorites on all Android or iOS mobile devices.

On the contrary, eSports require specific hardware. There's no chance to start a game unless you have the latest graphics card, new-generation processor, and SSD. Moreover, players require specific sensitive headphones and a microphone to communicate during the match. Also, online casino games are available 24/7, while eSports tournaments have a strict schedule.

Real-Money Winning Opportunities

Professionals play skill and luck-based games to win real money. The sentence applies to both niches. Of course, a massive army of recreational players is looking to score now and then. Yet, many compete to earn cash, improve their ranking, and re-pay expensive equipment.

Players could earn coins for video games in the 1990s arcade machine days. Back to the present: a well-equipped team of eSports professionals generates massive amounts by winning competitions. In 2023, The Land of Heroes introduced a whopping prize pool of $45 million. The International 12 follows with $30 million. The PUBG Mobile Global Championship awards a maximum of $4.5 million.

Casino websites offer more cash. Let's forget about small-stake prizes that recreational gamers win by playing slots. Even for low minimum deposits, which is not the case at eSports tournaments, casino players turn into millionaires overnight. Zodiac, Grand Mondial, and Captain Cooks casinos are reviewed brands to play online and belong to the bespoke Casino Rewards group. Each bet you place there contributes to the shared jackpot prize pool. No matter the bet size or match bonus availability, a player invested $1.25 and scooped a Mega Moolah $19 million jackpot.

Game Types

Online casinos rely on a proven blend of slot machines and table games. Certain providers developed video-game-like titles and gamification concepts to shake up the arena. Their essence remains the same - spin the reels, play cards, and place bets on a roulette wheel. Compared to eSports, casinos offer a somewhat limited assortment. Instead of multiplayer experiences, online casino games focus on a single player competing against the others.

Team-oriented eSports feature different types of games. For example, Call of Duty and Counter-Strike are about warfare, while League of Legends has 140+ champions fighting in an arena for epic wins. Fortnite emerged from a survival online video game to a fully featured product with concerts and live events.

Skillset Importance

Players discuss the level of skill and strategy importance in online gaming. Take Valorant as an illustration. The 5v5 character-based game requires a combination of precise gunplay and your characters' developing abilities. Only poker players dropped Lady Luck for skills in the online casino games world. Blackjack relates to this to some extent.

So, you have to be a shooter in both cases to outmatch the competition. Also, there's no place for mindless reactions. Practice, train, and deliver a proven strategy if you plan to take the money. This is quite the opposite of slots, for instance, where there’s no real skill involved aside from luck.

Popularity & Prominence

When comparing the two markets' acceptance, online casinos are currently more popular. The online casino market has been active since the early 1990s and has a well-established presence. It continues to grow with an expanding selection of games and enticing bonuses and promotions that attract new players.

On the other hand, the popularity of eSports is also on the rise. It revolves around competitive gaming in a highly competitive environment. One thing is sure: the eSports betting industry is experiencing growth, and it is expected to become even more popular.

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Bonuses & Promotions

Free cash is a non-existent word in eSports. Starting from fancy equipment to tournament entry fees, you won't get much for a buck. As a casino player, you'll profit from attractive bonuses and promotions. In almost all casinos, the adventure starts with a match bonus. Players receive 100% topping their deposit, meaning all stakes doubled. Those who choose not to claim the deal have difficulty competing with their opponents. The welcome bonus often combines money and spins.

Avid slot fans often receive another incentive: free spins. Casinos grant between 10 and 100 free rounds on brand-new and popular slots. This way, you'll get the ropes, learn the basics, and have more chances to scoop the jackpot. Of course, we always suggest players read the terms and conditions to maximize their online gambling experience.

Initial Investments

As discussed earlier, gaming equipment is quite expensive. According to recent research, starting an eSports player career takes between $600 and $3000. An entry-level PC costs around $800, while other pieces cost $50 to $100. Online gambling is a more affordable form of entertainment.

Recently, low minimum deposits have been on the rise. Online casinos accept investments from $1 to $5 and $10, granting welcome bonuses no matter your deposit. In contrast, eSports players' performances depend on the equipment quality (and price), and casinos never limit low-depositors. Both have equal chances to clear the pot like their higher-investing colleagues. Remember the story about the Mega Moolah winner? Compare it to an average eSports player, and you'll get a bigger picture about initial investments.


Licensing & Regulations

eSports and online casinos have distinct regulations. Private companies or organizations usually organize tournaments and have limited supervision from regulatory bodies. In contrast, online casinos are subject to strict rules and regulations.

Prestigious licensing authorities MGA, Kahnawake, or UKGC ensure fair play and safeguard players' personal and financial details. You'll know the gambling surrounding is safe if the casino wears an eCOGRA sign. This further means an independent organization solving potential client-casino issues.

Final Words

The two most popular forms of gambling offer the opportunity to win real money, and the winnings can be pretty substantial. These activities can be accessed online from desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. However, these markets have notable variances, such as the variety of games available, the nature of betting odds, and the ease of online accessibility. Despite these polarities, both online casinos and eSports have dedicated fan bases. Moreover, both options provide endless excitement and enjoyment to their participants.

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