27 Jul 2021 1:59 PM +00:00

Splitgate: What Is The Age Rating?

1047 Games' Splitgate has seen a huge popularity increase lately. Offering up a competitive sci-fi first-person shooter reminiscent of Halo and Portal, it's been available on PC for sometime but a recent cross-play beta has seen a large number of players jump in across PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S too.

Originally scheduled to launch on July 27th, Splitgate's full release was delayed due to active server issues from this increased player base, though it's still downloadable across these respective platforms. If you're a parent looking for a new game for your children, you may be wandering if Splitgate's age appropriate.

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Splitgate: What Is The Age Rating?

Depending on where you look, Splitgate reaches the middle ground of age ratings. In the UK/Europe, Splitgate has a PEGI 16 rating for strong violence, while the United States' ESRB gave it TEEN for violence and blood. When players are shot, blood is shown as the character's body falls to the fall, and it doesn't disappear straight away.

There's also the online community aspect to consider. As a game where players can directly engage with each other, players can potentially be exposed to strong language via other players, though voice chat isn't mandatory. As such, you'll need to follow your best judgement here.