Splitgate: How To Play Race Mode

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Other than engaging other players in PvP, Splitgate actually offers another game mode that doesn't involve fighting other people. The Race Mode is a specific game mode which tests the player's mastery in using the portal mechanic and get all the checkpoints as fast as possible. Here's how you can play this mode in Splitgate.

Race Mode Explained

Splitgate's Race Mode is a time trial mode that's aimed for players who like to play around with its portal mechanics. The goal in this mode is to get all the checkpoints as fast as they can. So far, every PvP map available in the Splitgate beta has its own version of Race Mode.


The Race Mode only has one time trial course per map in Splitgate. The checkpoints in this game are large discoballs and players can only rely on their character's regular movement options and the portals to move around the map.

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How To Unlock

Unlocking this mode doesn't have any special requirements aside from clearing the Tutorial of the game. All of the basic controls will be taught in this tutorial which will be needed in Race Mode.


Once the Tutorial is over, click the Training tab on the upper menus and choose Race Mode. Players will immediately be sent to the mode once this option is chosen.


While the game doesn't let players fight other players, Race mode has a leaderboards which puts up record time of the fastest clears of the course. Players can choose to compete for this to show they're the best in the Race mode.

Alternatively, some of the Race mode courses can be cleared to complete a Weekly Challenge in Splitgate. The Weekly Challenges needs players to reach at least level 10 to unlock. Some of the challenges only require players to clear the course regardless of their record time.


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