Splitgate: How To Use The Jetpack

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Aside from placing portals on surfaces in the game, Splitgate actually has a jetpack to improve the movement of players in the game. The jetpack can provide ample boosts to a character's jump in matches. Here's how you can use jetpacks in Splitgate.

How To Use The Jetpack

Once you're in matches, using your jetpack requires players to press Jump while in midair. The jetpack can also be used after jumping. Holding the jetpack helps players to ascend higher while simply tapping it allows players to extend the air time of their jumps.


Jetpack jumps are often the alternate ways to climb platforms vertically and jump over gaps. Every player has access to this move and has no way to stop it other than eliminating the foe outright.

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Jetpack Fuel

Even though the jetpack can be used at any time, Splitgate's jetpack fuel is limited. Holding the jetpack will drain the jetpack fuel rapidly. Players will need to conserve the fuel if they want to use it efficiently in fights.


However, the jetpack fuel regenerates fast on its own. The regeneration rate is fast enough to keep just using jetpacks as long as they intend to not use it too much after draining it.

Jetpack Cosmetics

Splitgate developers also offer cosmetics to change the Jetpack looks through cosmetics. Getting the cosmetics for the Jetpacks can come from the game's Reward Drops lootboxes or bought from the Item Shop using Split Coins.

Wearing the Jetpack cosmetics can be done through the Locker menus. Click on your character to find the Jetpack cosmetics tab along with the other character cosmetic options.


After the beta, 1047 Games can still change how the Jetpack works in Splitgate. Overall, the jetpack's feel is a basic jump extender in the game.

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