Splitgate: Is It Free-To-Play?

Splitgate's made quite the impact recently. Developed by 1047 Games, it's been available on PC for a couple of years now, but a recent cross-play beta has seen its popularity skyrocket. Offering up a competitive sci-fi first-person shooter, many have described gameplay as a mix of Halo and Portal.

Previously launching on July 27, Splitgate's full release was delayed due to active server issues, with 1047 Games confirming they've seen over 75k concurrent players jump in across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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Splitgate: Is It Free-To-Play?

Now launching in August, you might be wondering whether it'll be free-to-play or if it'll require a set fee. We're happy to confirm that Splitgate won't require an upfront fee, this will continue being free-to-play even when the open beta's ended.

However, like most free-to-play experiences, it does come with microtransactions and virtual currency that cost real money. These can be used for unlocking skins and weapons, though it doesn't appear to be a pay-to-win scenario. That comes in several bundles, so just be aware of this when proceeding.

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