Splatoon 3 Needs a Good Single Player Campaign, or None at All

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In my last article, I talked, in a roundabout way, about Splatoon needs more defined classes for its online play.

Do you know what else Splatoon 3 needs?


A good single-player campaign.

The single-player in Splatoon and Splatoon 2 was just too boring, feeling more like an overblown training mode than anything else.

The Octo Expansion had an interesting story but still suffered from the same "test chamber syndrome," making me feel like I was in a hyper colorful version of Portal, just without a lovable, murderous AI trying to kill me the whole time.

Please, Nintendo, give us a better Splatoon single-player experience or do not give us one at all.

What If...? Splatoon 3 Single Player Campaign

Splatoon 3 trailer screenshot
HARSH: A squid out of water

Does anyone remember the Marvel "What If...?" series of comic books where readers were treated to strange stories about what would happen if The Hulk had Wolverine's claws or Spiderman joined the Fantastic Four?


Well, what if Splatoon 3's single-player campaign revolved around an Inkling wandering the wastes looking for something to save the inhabitants of the new city in the game.

What if the wastes were a vast, open world with different areas to explore, enemies to battle, and parts to scavenge to upgrade your weapons and craft new ones?

Players could use the new city as a sort of hub to trade what they have found in the wasteland and purchase items to help them survive as they make their way through their quest.

Instead of presenting players with repeated challenge levels, they could incorporate those challenges into the world exploration, locking certain areas off until players have special equipment or master a new skill.

Splatoon 3: Breath of the Wastes.

It is a great idea and one that has such a small probability of actually happening.

So, you know what, Nintendo?


Just scrap single-player in Splatoon 3.

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No Single Player?

Splatoon 3 trailer screenshot
MOVE ON: Leave it all behind, Nintendo

"But, Rob. You LOVE single-player games."

You are right.

I really do love a good single-player experience.


Unfortunately, Splatoon cannot seem to provide that, so Nintendo should focus on the series's strengths.


Turf Wars are a blast, and the introduction of Salmon Run in Splatoon 2 was a breath of fresh air.

If Nintendo were to scrap single players, they would have more time to build and expand upon the areas where Splatoon 3 really shines.

Give us better multiplayer modes, better player communication methods, and better ways to play with our friends.

Allow us to build and customize our characters to fit certain roles that we excel in, and then let us search for teams that need our skillset.

This is probably one case I can think of where the multiplayer experience should 100% trump a single-player experience because Splatoon was not designed to be a single-player game.


Single-player feels tacked on, like an afterthought.

Time to amputate.

Squids have plenty of tentacles, anyway.

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