Splatoon 2 Tips From The Community

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New to competitive Splatoon 2? We have gathered various Splatoon tips from a range of UK players. These tips could help you out to get into the competitive scene or could just be helpful when playing the ranked modes.

You will be able to use this knowledge in Gfinity’s Splatoon 2 Inkfest tournaments. There is one more final Inkfest Cup which is the Purple Cup. For more information, sign up here: https://splatooninkfestuk.co.uk/

Starting off with the Splatoon tips. IPS the team captain of the Inkfest winning team Chew Its Mafia’s has this to say.

“Remember Splatoon is a team game, try and work with your teammates to make pushes and win fights, this isn’t a Hero plays based game.”

Metroid9 recommends communication between all of your teammates from the use of callouts for the opponents since this is always super useful.

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With this idea of callouts being used, it will make it easier to know where the other team is on the stage. A tip from player Xan is to read the map to see the enemies movement. This can be done by seeing the player moving on the stage but as well as using the map menu. This will allow you to see your team's ink being shot out on the stage but also the enemies ink as well.

For weapons you should use. Cyberbrick suggests researching and trying out your weapons well to find out what role is best suited for you.

The main three roles in Splatoon 2 are the Slayer, the Support and the Backliner.

Knowing what role you are within the team is important and helps everyone excel at what they are good at. In addition, knowing different weapons and roles are good to understand what you are possibly splatting against from the other teams.

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Considering the map, you may need to be aware of all of your surroundings for the stage control, the objective, splatting rivals and getting your special gauge filled up stated by player TomLegend.

Another member from Chew It's Mafia, Spore says to prioritise painting the floor and surviving over getting splats. Paint Control in each of the game modes is key in Splatoon 2.

Daykat states to not always blame your team, look at the specifics of what you did wrong and how you could improve from those points.

Welshey further expands this by not comparing yourself or your team to other teams. Just because something works for the top teams, doesn’t mean it will work the same for you.

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Inkling Splash gave the tip for when you are playing a match. Just to keep calm and carry on. Especially against higher skilled players. This will help you in the long run for playing competitive Splatoon 2.

Looking for players and teams is sometimes hard, player Mei suggests this. For team formation it doesn’t matter if those are the people you plan on staying with, but getting practice in a team-like environment is more likely for you to improve both as a player and as a teammate. Compared to only playing in Solo-Q, Ranked.

Camexrn recommends “Never back down, even if you feel to the point that you can’t win, you just get up and keep trying.”

And the final Tip for today is to ‘Try’ some competitive matches in Splatoon 2 by Melvo.

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Would you like to play?

Sign up to the final Inkfest Purple Cup tournament! This final Inkfest tournament will be on the 5th of December at 4pm GMT.

Need practice?

Open Ladders sessions for ranked game practices are from 4pm to 7pm GMT each on the 27th 28th of November and the 4th of December.

Go to the Inkfest Hub for more details: https://splatooninkfestuk.co.uk/

Join the Inkfest Discord: https://discord.gg/j6tDZmUbgs

Thanks to everyone who gave tips in this article:

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