Spider-Man: No Way Home Had Plans for Doctor Strange To Fight Mysterio

Spider-Man: No Way Home is a stacked film that features numerous villains and another could’ve been added to the ensemble.

The sequel’s concept artist and MCU set designer, Andrew Reeder, unveiled official art developed during No Way Home’s production. As you scroll through Reeder’s work, one unique piece features the Sorcerer Supreme fending off Mysterio.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home Had Plans for Doctor Strange To Fight Mysterio

The battle between these two characters takes place atop the Statue of Liberty, the location of the film’s climax. Considering Doctor Strange’s inclusion, it’s likely the segment would’ve taken place after Steven returned from the mirror dimension.

It's speculated that Mysterio would've been added to the five villains to make up the Sinister Six. But whether Quentin Beck survived the events of Far From Home, or was brought in from another reality, that’s not exactly clear.

Mysterio is fighting Doctor Strange on top of the Statue of Liberty.
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Credit: Andrew Reeder/ Marvel Entertainment

So why didn’t the fight take place? The final act already packs significant star power, with Garfield and Maguire leading the charge. The return of Jake Gyllenhaal’s villain could have undercut the trio of Spider-Men joining forces.

Or the filmmakers may have decided against adding more villains. Considering the five antagonists are from previous years in the Webhead’s history, Mysterio’s appearance may have seemed unusual. Granted, it still would’ve been an exhilarating fight - maybe we’ll see it one day?

MJ and Spider-Man jump off a bridge.
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Spider-Man: No Way Home continues breaking records, with the superhero phenomenon now becoming the sixth highest-grossing movie ever. Sony and Marvel hope to match its financial success with golden accolades, as they are pushing the MCU entry for the Oscars.

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