Hawkeye Influenced Spider-Man No Way Home, Says Show’s Directors

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Spider-Man: No Way Home and Hawkeye share a lot in common, especially with the reintroduction of certain Marvel characters. Bert & Bertie directed three episodes of the limited series and spoke about the show on the latest episode of the D23 Inside Disney podcast, and during the conversation, they mentioned that some of Hawkeye’s references may have had an impact on some events that occurred in the Webhead’s third solo MCU outing.

This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home


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Spider-Man and MJ jump off a bridge and are in mid-air.
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Hawkeye Influenced Spider-Man No Way Home, Says Show’s Directors

The pair of directors compared their experience with Black Widow. The Russian Spy's tale introduced Yelena and set the character up for her appearance in Clint and Kate's story.


Spider-Man premiered just after Hawkeye started, the duo claims the Friendly Neighbourhood Hero had his arachnid eyes on the show:

We got to see Widow, Black Widow, ahead of its release because of the Yelena storyline. I feel like that kind of influenced us more…I feel like I might be speaking out of turn, but I feel like we influenced Spider-Man. You know what I mean? Spider-Man was watching us, we were watching Widow.
Hawkeye and Kate Bishop are aiming their bow-and-arrows.

Given Kevin Feige and Marvel's precision in keeping everything interconnected, Bert & Bertie had to be extra careful in including certain references that occurred in sequence.


Details were secretly communicated and inserted into the show, including the Statue of Liberty remodeling, the location where No Way Home's climax takes place.

I think it was prior to us, because you know, we did hear about things along the way that was going on with the Statue of Liberty, and we didn't know about the Charlie Cox of it all until later.
Spider-Man is perched on Captain America's broken Statue shield.

Bert & Bertie's comments shed a little more light on the behind-the-scenes production process at Marvel, as the two directors were given various details on a "need-to-know" basis:

We didn't actually see No Way Home, I haven't seen it yet. It was kind of like a need-to-know basis, so when we needed to know something, someone would be like 'Oh, by the way, you know, the Statue of Liberty gets a makeover in No Way Home.' And we're like 'Ok, cool! On it!

While there is no second Hawkeye season planned for the meantime, certain characters are set to reprise their roles.


Alaqua Cox's Maya Lopez will lead the MCU's Echo show while Kate Bishop and Clint Barton are more than likely to return in future Marvel projects.