Soul Tide Characters List, Release Date, and More

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Image of a pink-haired girl surrounded by cats in Soul Tide.

In need of a Soul Tide characters list? While the upcoming turn-based mobile RPG isn't out just yet, a recent beta means we've got our first taste of how the meta might line up. Therefore, we've got a preliminary characters list ahead of our full tier list examining some early-stage winners to help you get ready for the game's launch.

This Soul Tide tier list isn't complete yet, because early details are only available on a few of the playable characters. However, we do have an idea of which fighters you'll want to opt for, so it's definitely worth brushing up on the details early on. On top of that, we've got a peak at the game's release date, giving you something to look forward to.

While Soul Tide isn't out just yet, we've got plenty of other tier lists to explore for popular mobile games. We've got an Epic Seven tier list and an AFK Arena tier list - two of the biggest RPGs on pocket-sized devices. That's on top of an extensive list of all the current Genshin Impact codes, which should get even larger soon.

Soul Tide Characters List

We don't have a Soul Tide tier list just yet, because the game isn't live and details on the character roster aren't available. There was a pre-release beta in February 2022, but it seems like character information is limited following that. We do have a list of the characters we know about so far, thanks to the game's Twitter account dropping sporadic character spotlights. Here are all the characters confirmed to be in Soul Tide:

  • Virginia
  • Benten
  • Lilyiro
  • Lavira
  • Netsuki
  • Ruri
  • Juewa
  • Satya
  • Andrea
  • Nicolette
  • Lin
  • Yuki
  • Ennis
  • Auora
  • Mako
  • Freesia
  • Colcher
  • Akaset
Image of the character Asuna in Soul Tide.
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Who Is The Best Soul Tide Character?

Since we haven't had the chance to get our hands on Soul Tide yet, it's hard to pinpoint any of the above characters as strictly better than others. It's the sort of thing that will become clear once the game is out, as we'll be able to see character rarity and combat stats.

Based on the early beta from February, though, it is possible to see which sort of combinations of characters will work well. The consensus from early access players is to mix characters of Burn and Bleed types. These are some of the combat possibilities available in the game, so having a range of attack types is a good way to ensure you're covering all bases. It's not yet clear which characters fall into which type, but keep an eye out for more details on that down the line.

How Do I Get More Soul Tide Characters?

While we haven't played Soul Tide just yet, it's very likely that the method of getting new characters will be through a reliable gacha format. That involves a summon mechanic, where you spend in-game currency to randomly spin for a new character selected from the roster.

Most of the time, there's a dedicated summon menu in gacha games, where you can choose how many spins to purchase, and whether to go for any specific featured banners. Expect Soul Tide to work in the same way, with random spins and gems you'll earn to purchase them. Of course, once the game is live, we'll provide a detailed list of how you can get more Soul Tide characters.

When Is The Soul Tide Release Date?

At the moment, Soul Tide release date is unknown. Pre-registration is open on the official website, and it's already hit the 10,000 registers mark, meaning it could build into a decent-sized hit come launch.

That said, the game is even without a clear release window at the time of writing. Given the beta took place back in February 2022, it would suggest that the game is nearing a state of completion. We recommend keeping a close eye on the Soul Tide Twitter account because they're bound to share some details on its release date once that's pencilled in.

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