Days Gone Creative Director Would Love To Make A New SOCOM Game

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John Garvin's been making the news lately. Having recently worked on Days Gone and third-person shooter series Syphon Filter, you might've seen that he was interviewed by former God of War director David Jaffe.

While comments about Days Gone's cancelled sequel and an outburst about not buying discounted games have gone widely noted, Jaffe also asked whether there's any dormant Sony franchises he'd like to work on, and Garvin chose SOCOM.

Days Gone Creative Director Would Love To Make A New SOCOM Game

Taking its name directly from the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM), Sony's tactical shooter series was created by Zipper Interactive and Seth Luisi back in 2002. It's not been seen since 2011's SOCOM 4 on PS3, and Zipper was closed in 2012.

As noted by VGC, Garvin replied to Jaffe stating: "SOCOM had such a huge following when it came out, it was always outselling Syphon Filter by like 2:1 if I remember right. It was just a huge, huge thing and when Seth Luisi was running that group and they were innovating with the headsets, and they had all this cool stuff going on, I think a story-driven version of that kind of a game would be great."


Confirming he'd use a single-player approach, Garvin advised against competing with Call of Duty over multiplayer, telling us: "Call of Duty’s story kind of sucks in my opinion and they’ve had some games that have kind of been pitched, or they’re coming out, like Six Days in Fallujah, that are ultra jingoistic"

Elaborating even further, Garvin states that he'd love to see a combat game "based around an individual's experience", citing Apple TV's recently released Cherry as an example.

With Seth Luisi previously confirming he has "no desire" to work on another SOCOM game ever again, this franchise remains open for another developer, but whether Sony would want to revive it is a different matter.