Snowrunner Update Today: 1.12 Patch Notes revealed PS4, Xbox and PC off-roading sim

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Saber Interactive's off-roading sim, SnowRunner, has today released another small hotfix to help improve the much-loved game available on PS4, Xbox and PC.

Fingers crossed this means that players sitting in the driver's seat of powerful terrain conquering vehicles no longer experience any niggly bugs whilst traversing the extreme open environments of the game.


It's also incredibly important for the devs to ensure they keep the game working as best as it can to ensure players remain hooked in the lead up to the release of the next content drop.

Speaking of which, the development team also gave a quick bit of insight into what happening to that next DLC drop, writing:

"Work on the Phase 2 of the season pass is progressing well (with two new maps, three new vehicles, and much more on the way), and we recently made it available on the Public Test Server on PC for testing."

For those desperate to know when it's coming, well, the devs also touched on that too, although, there's no specific right now, writing:


"We're eager to get it out to all of you, but there is still work to be done. We'll share more when we're closer to releasing it!"

So for now, players will need to make do with the new 1.12 patch that's available to download today (October 8, 2020).

As always, the developers have provided fans with detailed patch notes, spelling out clearly everything that has changed within the game.

For this update, it's only a handful of tweaks, but it's important to know, all the same.


SnowRunner 1.12 Update Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug when trucks were falling through trailers in certain conditions
  • Fixed wheels clipping through slabs on Imandra map
  • Fixed a bug when some users were unable to load custom-made maps downloaded from
  • Various FFB fixes for Logitech G920

Stay tuned for more details on the next phase of the SnowRunner Season Pass, coming hopefully later this year.