Sniper Elite VR Update Gets Major Update, Adding Quality Of Life Options

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It's been exactly two months since Sniper Elite VR first launched. Arriving across Steam VR, Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift, it saw a mostly positive reception, but developers Rebellion and Just Add Water aren't done yet, as we've now got a major update for all platforms.

Though it doesn't contain any new content, Sniper Elite VR's added several quality-of-life options and custom difficulty settings. Describing it as “just like Sniper Elite 4" in a new developer video, you can now adjust the difficulty further, letting you account individually for aim assist, bullet drop and bullet wind.

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Sniper Elite VR Update Gets Major Update, Adding Quality Of Life Options

As for comfort settings, Sniper Elite VR now features additional vignette options, letting you turn that on/off for individual moments like sprinting and explosions. Crouch mode can now activate stealth mode, while there's further options to adjust tracking, movement and more. You can see it all in the video below:


For PC players, Rebellion's implemented a few additional graphical options, though these are only intended for high-end PC setups. While it may impact your FPS, players can now adjust various visual settings, alongside support for the bHaptics Tacsuit.

Source: UploadVR