Skyrim Mod Makes Tamriel Suitable For Vegans

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Sure, the people of Skyrim get a lot of fresh air and do a fair amount of walking, but have you ever found yourself thinking that the lifestyles of men and mer could benefit from a little culinary change?

After all, chowing down on red meat or feasting until you’re full might be the standard in mead halls across the land, but if you want to maximise your athletic ability and be kinder to the planet, perhaps a new mod might convince even the roughest of Nords to make a change.

The mod in question is Princessmely’s “Plant Based Skyrim” and your relatives on Facebook are probably already posting angrily about it.

Skyrim Mod Makes Tamriel Suitable For Vegans

According to its description, the mod aims to make Skyrim a little less “barbaric”, by reworking aspects of its culture that aren’t kind to animals and replacing its meaty dishes with new plant-based alternatives.

Naturally, this means that your character’s mealtimes will be a little different than before, but don’t worry about them missing out on vital protein and nutrients, as the likes of nutritional yeast and flaxseed oil will ensure that the muscles you’ve cultivated while dungeon delving stay as strong as ever.

As will your armour, which, despite now being made from plant fibre fabric rather than leather, won’t offer any less protection.

Plus, the mod also ensures that the decor you’ll encounter as your travel around the province will no longer make you sad, as the animal corpses, both taxidermied and otherwise, that you used to run into will have been replaced with something more aesthetically pleasing.

That also means no more bear hide rugs or mounted elk antlers for your home of choice, so a trip to Ikea might be necessary.

The mod is also pretty lore-friendly, as its description explains: “Oblivion had flaxseed harvested from flowers. Yeast must exist in Elder Scrolls lore because there is bread. There are also herbivorous megafauna surviving on plants in the Skyrim tundra, so why not people?”

The specialised diets of different races are even taken into account, with special recommendations for Wood Elves and Argonians.

So, get ready to live a more horticultural life, install away and also make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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