Bethesda Is Fixing Some Skyrim Bugs on PlayStation in a New Patch

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Following the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition on November 11th, Bethesda revealed that they are working on a new patch for the game on PS4 and PS5.

As spotted by PushSquare, the target release of the update is later this week, with the goal of addressing a handful of issues and bugs that appeared in the game when after launch One of the most problematic bugs that were seen in the game is the one that appeared when players tried loading a save. Instead of loading the file, it became stuck on a black screen. There were also other issues, such as crashing.

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Bethesda Will Release A New Update For Skyrim Anniversary And Special Editions

If that's not enough Skyrim for you, there will also be a new adventure board game themed around the world of Tamriel. The official description of the game reads:

“This new solo/cooperative (up to four players) game of adventure and exploration invites aspiring adventurers to return to the frost-covered lands of Skyrim. Take up arms against dragons, Daedra, trolls, and many more wretched creatures to help the common folk sleep a little easier at night as you battle for glory. It’s a dangerous time, so the party brave enough to charge head-first into danger best have each other’s back.”

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