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Some treasure and a note in Skyrim.

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Skyrim modder adds more treasure hunts with cryptic clues to Tamriel

13 Dec 2022
Skyrim's Dragonborn sitting at a campfire.

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Skyrim modder gets rid of the game’s water-resistant campfires

12 Dec 2022
Skyrim's Dragonborn alongside Cyberpunk 2077's V.

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Skyrim modder recreates the effects of Cyberpunk 2077’s cyberware using spells

09 Dec 2022
Some Forsworn and Thalmor in Skyrim.

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Skyrim modder makes Forsworn and Thalmor enemies dish out unique and sassy barbs during combat

08 Dec 2022
An alchemy lab in Skyrim.

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Skyrim mod lets you coat your blades in healing potions and drink your own poisons

07 Dec 2022