Skyrim and Fallout Modders Embrace Morbius Fever

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An image of Morbius in Skyrim.
Credit: Image via DarthTyranus66 on Nexus Mods.

For better or worse, so-bad-it’s-good vampire flick Morbius might end up being the film that defines 2022, having already gained cult status on social media and inspired 24-hour looping Twitch streams in its honour.

It seems that the buck isn’t stopping there either, with morbheads beginning to emerge in the modding communities of both Skyrim and Fallout 4.


As you can imagine, this has led to two somewhat inevitable conclusions, with new mods bringing a taste of the morbisphere to both games.

Skyrim and Fallout Modders Embrace Morbius Fever

The first of these mods is called “Immersive Morbius 2022 - RaceMenu Preset” and is by modder DarthTyranus66.

Naturally, it makes the visage of Jared Leto’s character from the movie an option in the character selection menu at the beginning of the game, allowing you to take your vampire builds to a terrifying new level.


That said, it does require you to also have a few other mods installed before you can initiate morbin’ time, with KouLeifoh’s “High Poly Head”, Apachii’s “ApachiiSkyHair SSE” and Kyoe’s “Kyoe's Bang'n Brows” all necessary for the ideal Morbius experience.

The mod also has two different versions, depending upon which hairstyle you want your Morbius to be rocking.

That said, if you feel like a more modern setting would suit your dramatic re-telling of the vampire’s story a little better, you can bring him into the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4 instead via a second mod.

By LiterallyLinguini, this mod is called “Morbius Preset” and offers you a chance to re-model the sole survivor in Jared Leto’s image.


So, dust off your game of choice, crank up the volume on the 24-hour Twitch stream of the movie and, for lack of a better term, get morbing.

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