Skyrim Mod Adds Unique Voice Acting to Fishing Questline

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An argonian fishing in Skyrim's Anniversary Edition.

If you picked up Skyrim’s Anniversary Edition and were thoroughly disappointed by the quests surrounding its brand new and heavily touted fishing gameplay, don’t worry, as the game’s modding community has stepped up to the plate.

Thanks to a new mod by GTheGenerous called "Fishing - Voiced Narrative", Skyrim’s fishing quests need not be dull any longer.

As the mod’s author describes: “the reused generic lines simply can't give proper justice to the well thought (out) characters and questline”, so they’ve been replaced using xVASynth, an AI tool for generating high-quality voice acting lines.

Skyrim Mod Adds Voice Acting to Fishing Questline

These characters, Swims-in-Deep-Water & Viriya, get a multitude of overhauls as part of the mod, with new greeting dialogues and a smorgasbord of other fresh lines that reflect their personalities and stick closely to the narrative of the original questline.

Those who only play lore-friendly mods need not be concerned, as all of the new dialogue has been crafted with this in mind, so, unlike the dragons, you won’t find any allusion to fish that’ve been mysteriously morphed into Thomas the Tank Engine or ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage.

If you want a look at the mod in action before you download, check out this video, which showcases some of the new lines:

As you can hear, there are a few minor grammatical errors that need ironing out, but, quite frankly, the line “The fishes, however. They. Are. Art.” makes this mod worth getting all on its own.

Plus, if you want to further enhance your Skyrim fishing experience, why not also download “L.V.X Magick's - Fish Anywhere (Skyrim AE - SSE)” a mod by the titular LvxMagick which allows you to whip out your rod and stick it in any lake to catch fish.

Naturally, both mods require Skyrim Anniversary Edition’s fishing.

So give them a try or, if you’re looking for info on The Elder Scrolls 6, here’s what we know so far.

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