The Sims 4 Kits - Moonlight Chic And Little Campers Review

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Items from the Sims 4 Kit Little Campers

As May's roadmap suggested, two Kits released recently for The Sims 4. They are Moonlight Chic and Little Campers, focusing on clothing and accessories and then fun furniture for outdoors respectively.

Game Kits in The Sims 4 are a small, cheap pack of items or clothing that add just a little extra to the games. These often work alongside themed Game Packs or the bigger Expansions. EA listed the 'Seize The Night' kits as Chic Nights Out and Cozy Nights In, which we now know as these two kits right here.


We have a ton more Sims content to keep you occupied - here's a rundown of the latest pack: Werewolves. Oh, and here are some Sims 4 cheats for you.

Create A Sim section featuring the Moonlight Chic items

Moonlight Chic

Inspired by designer Paola Locatelli, the Moonlight Chic pack takes its style from Parisian nights, where the nights are warm and the fashion is on-trend. Moonlight Chic brings in multiple outfits for the teen-elder body mesh, with some accessories to tie it all together.


Let us take a look at the content. We got a few pairs of combat pants, and two options of knee-length shorts, with a mini skirt for taste. There was only one pair of shoes - some trainers - to match these. There was also a midi dress available with a good range of swatches. These tie in well with the sunglasses, necklace, and earrings. In terms of tops, there was an odd range of items: cardigans, an extremely cropped sweater, and some office-inspired blouses or jackets.

The colour options of this kit were mostly pastel and muted colours, with some bright patterns thrown in for a couple of the jackets and the mini skirt. These felt a little out of place. There were no hairstyles added, and no body accessories such as watches, or rings. The one pair of shoes felt a little lacking, too. As mentioned, these clothes are only available for the teen through to elder body meshes. Overall, for this writer's game at least, the clothes added some different options and fashion choices out of the norm.

Items from the Sims 4 Kit Little Campers

Little Campers

Moving on to a very different theme of Kit, we have Little Campers. This Kit focuses on furniture - both usable and decorative - that can be used inside and outside the home.

The items we get are very folky, with a homey, DIY vibe. The swatches include cabin and child-like patterns with bears, rockets, trees, and more. There are also plain colours for those wanting to use them outside of a backyard sleepover setting.

There's a huge Bigfoot toy, rugs, seating, and a fire pit to name a few. Most importantly there is a projector screen made of a sheet and fairy lights. This adds a very homely and crafty feel and makes the Sims feel that bit more human. It's fun to imagine them getting together and making the set items. By the way, the newly added telescope (of realistic proportions) fits nicely in the tent that comes with Little Campers.


Unfortunately, there are a couple of hindrances. For starters, the Smores box isn't a food item, and the floor pillows are just for decoration - Sims cannot sit on them. The strings of fairy lights are a little odd too, as they are not a wall item. We could only seem to get them to look right when placed next to the hanging Firefly jar. The kids' activity table also offers nothing new and is a reskin of previous desks.

Overall, Little Campers is incredibly cute. Whether you're making a night-time adventure for your kids in the backyard, or creating a cryptid research station, there are items here that can be used in a huge variety of homes.