New Sega Theme Parks Could Start Popping Up Soon

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We’ll likely be seeing new Sega theme parks popping up in the next few years, and Sega Joypolis parks could be just the start.

The news isn’t technically new, but it’s emerging from a late 2020 financial report from park developer CA Sega Joypolis parent company CA Cultural Technology thanks to YouTuber Badnik Mechanic (Dave Luty).


The report outlines CA Sega Joypolis plans to expand Sega Joypolis to “different places over the world,” including Europe, North America, and Australia.

The same section in the statement mentioned the first location announcement outside China is planned for sometime in the next six months.

It was published in December 2020, so a summer Sega Joypolis location announcement could be in store.

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New Sega Theme Parks Could Start Popping Up Soon

Cultural Technology also announced plans to expand its theme parks into online theme parks and VR territory as well, though provided no further detail.

The last Sega theme parks outside Japan closed decades ago, though Sega Joypolis parks are a bit different from your average theme park.


Joypolis locations are indoor theme parks with a mix of arcade attractions and theme park-style rides.

Cultural Technology, formerly China Animations, purchased Sega Joypolis in 2016, and while it still uses Sega IP in existing Joypolis locations, it's more than just Sonic.

They’re often mixed with popular IP from other franchises.

For example, one Tokyo Joypolis park features an Ace Attorney-themed attraction from Capcom’s Phoenix Wright franchise.

[Source: Cultural Technology]