Sea of Thieves: Do You Have to Do Tall Tales in Order?

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Sea of Thieves went from being an okay Xbox exclusive to one of the best multiplayer experiences in the platform, to the point that PlayStation owners want it on PS4 and PS5.

Currently, the game is on it’s second season and has a ton of content for players to go through, which is one of the reasons why Xbox owners have been high on the title, with missions like Tall Tales being really fun to do.

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Sea of Thieves: Do You Have to Do Tall Tales in Order?

The Tall Tales missions in Sea of Thieves have been fairly fun for players to do, though some are confused since they’ve been asking if these quests have to be done in order.

It turns out that if one of the players is in a high enough level, they can take the whole crew to a different Tall Tale, allowing for out of order playing if they really want.

Being able to do Sea of Thieves’ Tall Tales in a different order if one of the players is on a higher level is fine, though it’s advised that first-timers do it in order so they can understand the story better.

However, those that are helping out their friends or want to grind out some experience and rewards in Sea of Thieves can replay Tall Tales when they are done.

Realistically, they can do it out of order with first-time players if they want to, though that would ruin the narrative for some.

Sea of Thieves is available now on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X, along with the digital-only Xbox Series S, as an individual purchase or as part of Xbox Game Pass.