Saints Row Reboot Announcement Could Happen at Gamescom

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The new Saints Row game could be getting an announcement sooner than we expected, if the latest leaks are anything to go by.

Insider Okami Games said on Twitter that the Saints Row reboot is getting an announcement this month and, in a reply further down the comments, they suggested Gamescom is where the reveal will happen.

Rumors of a Saints Row reboot have floated around for years, taking different forms. Some claim it's a remake, others that it's Saints Row 5 using mechanics from the first two games.

Okami didn't hint at what the Saints Row reboot might actually be, though other recent leaks suggest it's going to be something big.

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Saints Row Reboot Announcement Could Happen at Gamescom

The series' former community director, Michael Watson, posted a farewell message on Steam in May prior to stepping down on account of illness. In the post, Watson said:

I hope I was able to shine a light on how we make games and who we are as both developers and people, and maybe make everyone's day just a little bit brighter in some small way. Oh, and one last thing... while I probably won't be here to see the launch, our new Saints Row game is absolutely going to blow the roof off. I am beyond proud to have been a part of bringing it to life.

Gamescom is just a week away, so we'll hopefully know more soon.

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