Deleted Saints Row 2022 Screenshots Are Giving Red Dead Vibes

One of the alleged leaked screenshots from the Saints Row reboot.

The wait for the rebooted Saints Row has been a long one, but it looks as though details about the game are finally beginning to emerge ahead of its release in August.

However, it seems not all of these little snippets and sneak peeks are necessarily things that Deep Silver and Volition wanted out there.

Following a possible leak of some gameplay footage in September last year, several screenshots have appeared on Reddit via a now-deleted Artstation post, seemingly showing some of the landscapes players will be able to explore in the new game.

Alleged Saints Row 2022 Screenshots Appear Online

The Reddit post claims the screenshots were originally posted by a Senior Environment Artist at Reboot; however, as the original post has been deleted and doesn’t even have an archive, verifying this is now virtually impossible.

So, definitely take the images with a grain of salt, but if they’re to be believed, Saints Row 2022 looks like it’ll be going for a GTA 5-style approach, with both urban and backwoods locales available to explore.

The RDR2-style arid and rocky desert backdrops showcased also seem to fit with what we know of the game’s setting so far, with the fictional American southwest city of Santo Ileso set to serve as a replacement for the traditional Stillwater or Steelport.

Regardless of their questionable legitimacy, the images have gone down fairly well on r/saintsrow, with user Sharky saying: “these look absolutely stunning and really make me hope for a proper photo mode” and user kylebirdwell adding: “I’ve been missing AZ so much since moving back to TN. I usually play Red Dead to scratch the itch but this has me very excited.”

Some users even speculated on what secrets Saints Row’s desert could hold, with user LombaxMaster commenting: “I wonder if there is going to be some kind of underground facility/bunker out in the desert?”

Whether or not they lie on top of a secret bunker, the cacti in the images certainly seem to fit the mould of a more serious Saints Row game than Saints Row 3 or 4, as they’re only mildly phallic.

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