Sable Remnants of Change Walkthrough: How to Move the Hercules Beetle and Get Larval Husks

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One of the first quests you'll be given in Sable asks you to head to Hercules beetle nest and collect 3 Larval Husks. To get to them you will need to move a giant mother beetle that's blocking the entrance. In this Remnants of Change Walkthrough we'll tell you how to move the Hercules Beetle and get to the Larval Husks.

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Sable Remnants of Change Walkthrough

You'll pick up the Remnants of Change mission at Burnt oak, from the Merchant in the large tent. They'll mark the beetle nest on your map, which you can use to find 3 Larval Husks and complete the mission. Hop on your bike and use your compass to travel to the nest.

Sable looks up into the treetops near a Hercules Beetle nest.

The first thing you want to o is find the collection of small buildings and trees near the nest. Head up there and climb the trees. You'll find items that can be carried. Throw a couple down near the beetle nest.

How to Move the Giant Hercules Beetle

The giant Hercules Beetle can be moved using the nut-like objects you found in the trees. Place them on the ground to lure the beetle forwards. You can then slip in behind it. Make your way down the pipe, until you find yourself in the main nest. you'll see eggs clustered around the area.

Sable watches a large Hercules Beetle move towards some bait she set.

How to Get 3 Larval Husks

Larval Husks are essentially the cocoon like skins that are discarded by Hercules Beetle larvae. There's one in the first room, near the spiral of eggs on the ground. You will then need to make your way through the best to find the other two. They're easy to spot, just look for small brown, larvae shaped shells.

Picking up Larval Husks in Sable as part of the Remanants of Change side mission

Once you have all three, head out and Fast travel back to Burnt Oak to hand them in. You will earn a beetle Badge. You'll need three of those to create a mask. Now that you know how to finish this mission, head over to our guide on making money fast. There's also our look at changing the colour of your bike.