Sable: Heartbreak In the City Walkthrough

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Upon arrival in Eccria, Sable will be tasked with solving a mystery. Someone has stolen the power core in the city, meaning it's lights out for the time-being. A guard named Sandip will give you some clues and send you off to investigate, expecting you to name the culprit once you've gathered evidence. Here's who we picked, as well as a full walkthrough for the Heartbreak In the City quest.


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Sable: Heartbreak In the City Walkthrough

Speak to Sandip the security guard to start the quest. They will point you towards The Atomic Heart, where you'll be able to fix the power and gather some clues. Follow the large wires to get there.

Once you're there, climb inside and into the main core. You'll find a feather on the ground and some exposed wiring as clues. there's also a piece of paper on the ground here, explaining a debt owed to the merchants. Bring these back to Sandip. They will tell you to speak to the villagers for more clues.


Find Machinist and run through all of the available questions. They ill tell you that they suspect Iria, the Merchant in the area. You can also speak to the cafe owner here for some additional info. Iria is found in a room above the main market. there's a guard that you will need to get past using some pomegranates.

Where to Find Pomegranates

Pomegranates are found in the deserts surrounding Eccria. I found some sticking out of the ground near the bridge into the entrance of town. Take your bike out and take a look nearby.

Speak to Iria

Give the Pomegranates to the guard and head up to talk to Iria. She will tell you she suspects a climber called Garay. They are found underneath the bridge at the entrance of town.


Garay will tell you that he suspects Hamza the Machinist, revealing that he is in debt to the Merchants. Once the lights went out, Garay was trying to make a quick sale of some sort. This complicates things. You have enough evidence to accuse someone now.

Who Is the Real Culprit?

To accuse someone of being the thief, you will need to have collected enough evidence. I was able to accuse the Machinist and earned a badge for it. That doesn't mean this is the correct choice, and I suspect that the solution may actually be a little more complicated. Just know that you can accuse anyone and still earn the badge. Here are the main points to consider:

  • Hamza owed a debt to the merchants. A piece of paper found at the scene of the crime confirmed this.
  • Garay was seen selling something once the lights cut out.
  • Iria stood to profit from the chaos, able to raise her prices.
  • The power core was removed with precision, but some wires were haphazardly sabotaged as a distraction.
  • The window was broken, but notice how the glass is on the outside.

To accuse someone, you will need motive and means, aka how they were even able to commit the crime. For Hamza, they had the security codes to get in. Garay is a good enough climber to make his way to the core. You will need to use this information to determine the culprit for yourself. In addition to the main three, you also have the option to say that it was a group effort. You will need evidence to back this up of course.

When I considered the evidence, I came to the conclusion that Hamza was the culprit, whether acting on his own as a way to sell the core, or for Iria as a means to clear debt. Hamza has motive, and a way to get in. The glass was broken from the inside, possibly as a diversion. The feather is like the ones that Iria's guards wear in their helmets. Iria cannot really be accused, as she is too powerful for Sandip to go after her. The most damning evidence that Hamza was the one that stole the core is that it was removed so carefully.

Speaking to Garay will give you an alibi for him. Ultimately, accuse Iria or Hamza. If you accuse Hamza, they will be arrested and their shop will close. Personally, given that you earn the badge either way, I recommend accusing Iria, as there are no consequences and it looks likely that she was at least involved in some way.

Heartbreak In the City turns out to be a much more open-ended quest than you may have initially thought in Sable. Use the information in this guide to determine who you think is the culprit, but don't worry too much as you will still get the reward at the end. For more tips on beating Sable be sure to check out our guide on Increasing Stamina. Elsewhere there's our look at making money fast.