Sable: An Ancient Race Walkthrough

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Somewhere in the Badlands of Midden, there's a Machinist with a quest for Sable. It involves Ancient Ring devices, which an be earned by completing races around the map. To help you find them, we've put together this walkthrough for the An Ancient Race quest. We'll explain what to do with the Ancient Ring Device, and more.

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Sable: An Ancient Race Walkthrough

An Ancient Race is a quest given to you by a Machinist in Sable. They are located in the Badlands, and will task you with finding 6 devices to place into a shrine. You may have come across one of these devices in your travels, and don't necessarily need to speak to the Machinist first before collecting the rest.

How to Start the Ancient Race Quest

To start the quest, head to the Mysterious Shrine in the northern Badlands. You can see its location on the map below, marked with a red circle. once there, speak to the Machinist and receive the quest. Now to find the six races that you will need to complete.

Race Locations

There are six races to complete here. you'll need to take your bike and fly through the large rings. They will light up blue. Fly through all of them quickly to unlock a small nearby building. it will look like the one in the image below:


Head inside each one to obtain a glowing blue ancient device. this is what you will need to power up the Mysterious Shrine.

We've split the races into those found in the Northern part of the map, and those in the South. Look at the images for blue waypoint markers. This is where you will find the races that you'll need to complete.


Once you have all six, head back to the Mysterious Shrine. You will be able to use Fast Travel to do so at this point.

Using the Ancient Devices

Inside the Mysterious Shrine, there are six platforms that you can place devices into. Place them and then speak to the Machinist. They will tell you to come back in a couple of days. We recommend going off to finish other tasks before returning. How about visiting the Bridge of the Betrayed?


Once you have waited enough time, return to the Machinist. They will reward you the following items:

  1. Hicaric Ring Wings
  2. Hicaric Ring Front
  3. Hicaric Ring Booster

These are all bike parts that can be equipped at a Machinist. They give off a blue glow when used, much like the Hicaric devices you found earlier. That's all you need to know about the An Ancient Race quest in Sable. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on Increasing Your Stamina. Elsewhere there's our page on Making Money Quickly.