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Rust: How To Get May's Twitch Drops, Times, Streamers And More

Three years on, there's still plenty of life within the Rust community. With a pre-order beta still live for the upcoming console edition, May's Twitch drops for Rust has just gone live.

For those looking to claim them, here's everything you need to know.

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Rust May Twitch Drops - How To Claim

Firstly, if you haven't previously, you need to link your Steam and Twitch accounts here. Once done, you'll need to watch a select set of streamers for two hours to claim these new items, providing you've activated Twitch Drops for your Steam account.

Rust May Twitch Drops - Which Streamers?

For May - you can find their profiles here - the Rust streamers chosen by Facepunch Studios are:

  • Abe
  • Berne
  • Big Chase
  • Brit
  • Enardo
  • Fuslie
  • imPheetus
  • Masayoshi
  • PeterParkTV
  • Shiphtur
  • Spoon kid
  • Tacularr

Rust May Twitch Drops - Times

This month's event started on May 6th at 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm BST / 8pm CEST. This will be live until May 13th, ending at those same times.

Rust May Twitch Drops - What Items?

This time around, we've got costumes, a couple of weapons skins, and a few new skins for rocks. Facepunch Studios has released this handy graphic, confirming which streams will provide what.

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