RuneScape Mobile is the Natural Next Step for the Classic MMO (Sponsored)

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The world of Gielinor never sleeps. In fact, most of its regular adventurers and part-time cooks or weaponsmiths would say time spent sleeping is time spent not earning EXP. And now that you can continue your adventure on your phone with RuneScape Mobile, there’s almost nothing stopping you from having skill-up fireworks pop out of your head at the bus stop, on the train, or even when climbing a mountain if that’s what you’re up to.

Existing in RuneScape can be exhausting: there’s always something to do, but it’s also infinitely rewarding. Hitting the next level in your favourite skill almost always unlocks something new to hunt, chop down, or fashion into a fresh weapon.

A woman fishing near a village in RuneScape

Whether you’re exploring the game’s wide free-to-play content for the first time or diving deeper into the hardcore quests and bosses of its near-endless membership content, RuneScape Mobile means you can keep your growth and progression going no matter where you end up in the real world.

Whether you’re playing on the very latest iPad or a hand-me-down smartphone, RuneScape Mobile can transport you back into Gielinor without the need to be stuck at your desk. The UI has been redesigned to support touch controls, but it should still be familiar enough to not cause a problem when hopping between the long-running desktop PC/Mac version. And if your handheld device is a little long in the tooth, there’s heaps of graphical settings to fiddle around with to get the best experience your phone or tablet can offer.

If you’re a current or lapsed Old School RuneScape player, there’s still a reason to check out RuneScape Mobile. This modern take on the classic MMORPG offers the exact same world to explore, only graphically spruced up to look how you probably always wanted it to.

There’s heaps of personality poured into a world that already felt like a gamified version of a Monty Python sketch. Mixed with the redesigned combat system, RuneScape Mobile simply offers a new way to experience a world you may already know and perhaps even love.

You don’t even need to go beyond the redesigned tutorial to work out whether it’s for you, either. This perfectly designed sliver of gameplay offers a perfect snapshot of the larger RuneScape experience.

Two warriors battling in a village in RuneScape

Loud, boisterous, and fully-voiced characters, the freedom to tackle the problem with steel or skill, and an introduction to the context menu that governs basically everything you’ll ever do in-game. In five minutes you’ll see how RuneScape Mobile looks, feels, and plays. Then it’s off to the wide world of Gielinor beyond, where you’ll probably spend the next few years of your life trying to be a jack of all trades.


RuneScape has always been the rare MMORPG built around the freedom to play how you want – to do what you want to do and be who you want to be. Don’t want to fight? Then be the cook who offers the warriors health-restoring pies, the fisherman who supplies the chef with their ingredients, or the blacksmith who ensures the warriors don’t try to take on the Chaos Elemental in their underwear.

RuneScape on mobile feels like the natural evolution of the game’s fundamental aspect of freedom, and being able to live your virtual life no matter where you are in the real world is a genuinely magical experience.