Does Membership Carry Over Between Runescape Mobile and Desktop?

With both Old School Runescape and modern Runescape both available on iOS and Android right now, you might be wondering how your paid membership works when switching between different platforms. Here's how membership works in Runescape mobile, how much it costs, and how to use your account on both platforms.

What is Runescape Membership?

Although Runescape is a free MMORPG, a massive portion of its content is locked behind a premium membership. Not only are most of its 28 individually-leveled skills locked behind a paywall, but a gargantuan portion of the map is, too.

Runescape Membership--whether that's Old School Runescape membership or modern Runescape membership--opens up the world of Gielinor, granting access to everything the 20-year old franchise has to offer.

To put things into perspective, the official website makes a point that 90% of players online at the time of writing are members. There must be a reason for that, right?

Does Runescape Membership Carry Over Between Mobile and Desktop?

In a word, yes. Whether you buy Membership on desktop or mobile, you'll still have access to premium content no matter the device you log in on.

It may sound silly, but due to the cut of profits Google and Apple take from purchases made on their platforms, things can get left behind or locked to said platform when you switch over.

Whether you're playing Old School Runescape or modern Runescape, membership purchased on one platform will carry over to the rest no matter how many times you hop between devices.

How Much is Runescape Membership? - Runescape Membership Price

That depends on your location and how many months you buy in bulk, but a single month of Old School Runescape Membership costs £6.99 in the UK or £8 if you decide to pay through SMS. The same goes for modern Runescape membership, too.

Is Runescape Cross-Save and Cross-Play Enabled?

Both Runescape and Old School Runescape feature cross-save, cross-play, and all those other cross-something buzz words.

You'll have the same experience with the same people no matter how you log into your account.

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