Rogue Company: Update 0.48 Patch Notes

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Rogue Company's beta has been open for a while now and players are loving the game.

Hi-Rez has listened to the community and has added a number of requested features.


With streamers like Dr Disrespect playing and enjoying the title, the attention surrounding the game is only going up.

A mini-patch was released today, detailing the latest changes coming to the game.

Let's check out what changes are being made:

0.48 Hotfix / Patch Notes

  • The Shooting Range is now available for use
  • Fixed an issue where settings would not save between matches
  • The first time you receive a friend request, their name should now appear in the request
  • Epic friends should no longer show offline when they are offline
  • Players should no longer get stuck in the Chimera during Strikeout mode
  • The Unflappable award for finishing the Tutorial should no longer reset when you leave the game
  • Pistol upgrades purchased in the store should no longer be removed at the beginning of each round
  • When cancelling a cooked grenade, it should no longer explode anyway
  • Crossplay voice chat should now be working for all platforms 
  • The top bar should no longer show teammates on the enemy side or vice versa

It may be a small patch but it certainly adds some exciting features.

The Shooting Range is now available so make sure you dive in to warm up before your games.


Good luck in your matches, check out the latest news on Rogue Company here.