Rogue Company: Retail Therapy Update Adds New Skins And Cosmetics

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Hi-Rez Studios' Rogue Company has been garnering a lot of attention recently.

Fans of shooters are loving the game and the new content being added.


However, players have been desperately waiting for more customisation options and cosmetics.

Well, September 2nd's 'Retail Therapy' update has given players exactly what they were looking for.

Retail Therapy Update

The new 'Retail Therapy' update has added a number of new skins and cosmetics. Check out Rogue Company's official tweet:

Who's ready to deploy in some new digs? Read up on every fashionable addition coming in Retail Therapy with our update notes - available now on! 👉
— Rogue Company (@RogueCompany)
September 2, 2020

The newly added skins are available to buy with real money from the in-game shop.


The skins are priced based on their rarity. Check out the prices below:

  • Uncommon - 500 (In-game currency)
  • Rare - 1,200 (In-game currency)
  • Legendary - 2,000 (In-game currency)

Here's a look at some of the new skins that have been added.


Courtesy of Hi-Rez Studios

On top of the skins, the update introduced weapon skins, wingsuit skins and emotes.

It's exciting to see so many customisation options added to the game.

It is unclear on how long these items will remain in the shop, however, there isn't a timer suggesting they're limited-time skins.


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