Rogue Company LEAKS: New Characters, Mechanics, Battle Royale Leak and More Found!

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Hi-Rez Studios and First Watch Games' new title Rogue Company has been seen all over Twitch the last couple of weeks.

Now, data miners have gone into the files of the game and revealed some massive news that should be coming to the game soon.

Here's a first look!


New Character

Twitter user RogueHQuest has been posting a flurry of content since Rogue Company was released, and is the home for this batch of leaks. 

The first Rogue that they leaked goes by the name Dahlia, and appears to be finished texture-wise. The release date for this agent is unknown as of now, along with the abilities Dahlia will have!

New Rogue: Dahlia (codename Netanya) appeared on PTS textured with her loadout. #RogueCompany#leaks#RogueCompanyLeaks#PlayRogue(reposted, fixed the teeth texture sticking out)
— RogueHQ | Leaks & News (@RogueHQnet)
July 31, 2020

Along with the Dalhia who appears to be ready to be implemented into the game. They also found two unfinished characters, that only have minor body outlines at the moment.

They are going by the names Fixer, and Bulwark but this is, unfortunately, all the news we know on these characters as of now!

Female Rogue codenamed "Bulwark" found in files.She was added in 0.48(PTS) and has no textures yet. The character is probably heavily
— RogueHQ | Leaks & News (@RogueHQnet)
August 6, 2020
Male Rogue codenamed "Fixer".He was added in 0.47 and has no textures yet. The character is probably heavily
— RogueHQ | Leaks & News (@RogueHQnet)
August 6, 2020

More Leaks

They also found an 'Advanced Ping System' that will be coming to the game during Phase 3; and it has a complex set of callouts for players to use to seems. 

Another Rogue Company leaker by the name of RoCoJustLeaks, also found a parachute in the game files.

This could indicate more ways to glide onto the map are coming soon, or even a battle royale? 

Leak alert!A parachute I found in the files, maybe for a possible battle royale mode?
— Rogue Company Leaks (@RoCoJustLeaks)
August 6, 2020