Rocket League: Working With Your Teammates Instead Of Against Them Is Good, Actually

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The argument of whether or not it’s better to be wholesome or toxic in Rocket League is one that’s been raging on for a while now. It’s also one that’s had a few different videos made about it, including several by SunlessKhan, who even has one going into the mindset behind a toxic player.

It’s an interesting enough conversation because, whether you’re on one side or the other, both sides do exist, and every time you play a game, you have the chance to become one or the other to your temporary teammates. There’s definitely a better way to go though, if you want to have a good experience.

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Wholesome Teamwork Is Best

Well, Sunless is back once again to parade those who are naturally toxic against those who are more wholesome, but this time across a few different matches and different ranks. It’s an interesting look at how players can be when they’re being toxic or being wholesome, but it also highlights something important when you’re playing with people you don’t know.

Now, we don’t know the specifics of the team compositions here, but it’s probably safe to assume that these people didn’t play together often given that the video ends with some of the wholesome people saying they wish they could play together again. One thing that happens a lot during the video, is that the toxic bunch tend to aim their fangs at each other a lot, and frankly, that’s counterproductive.

It’s very rare that someone is going to play better or try and prove you wrong because you’re being as toxic as the reputation for online gaming. Instead, you’ll probably get far more out of your new teammates by being nice, rewarding their good plays with compliments and encouraging playing as a team. After all, you’ll score far more goals using passing plays than solo in a team game. The video seems to reflect this too, so maybe try throwing out some compliments next time you’re online.

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