What does 7000 hours in Rocket League teach you?

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Rocket Leauge is uniquely difficult. If you wanted to compare it to another game you’d probably be closest if you looked at something like Gang Beasts, because you have an absurd degree of control of very specific things. When you combine that cr control with the physics of the ball, you end up with a game that requires a lot of time to get good at.

However, one of the beauties of Rocket League is that there are already loads of players who’ve put in ungodly hours into the game, which means you can learn from them instead of just bashing your head against the wall that is the combination of your opponents and your teammates.

7,000 hours is a lot

Wayton Pilkin is a pretty big name in the world of Rocket League, and mostly because they make some of the best tutorial videos around. THey’ve got, as they mention in this video, over six hours of tutorials up on their page, and that’ll teach you the basics, and the less-than-basics, of a lot of the mechanics you can use to crush people in this game.

In his latest video, Wayton has realised that he’s put over 7,000 hours into Rocket League, which is an almost absurd number of hours for sure. Because of that, he’s made a list of things that he feels you should know that took him a while to learn. Basically, he’s offering you the chance to gain the knowledge of someone with a lot more time in the game than you.

Each of the tips is a big deal, and even if you think you’re good at the game, it’s nearly always worth watching these kinds of videos because you can always learn something new, or be reminded of something you’ve known for a while. It can also just help to make sure you’re paying attention to what you’re working on when you’re playing, which is one of his tips in this one.

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