The Rocket League Bots Are Trash And We Need Better Options

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If you think back to when you started Rocket League, the chances are that you thought the bots were incredible at the game. The idea of beating the All-Star bots, or even the Pro ones, is hard to imagine when you’re just starting out, but it’s something you’ll likely forget about as you dive into ranked and casual games and start to get used to things like ball cam and how the ball moves.

What’ll happen then, is you’ll eventually go back into a match against bots while waiting for your mates to turn up for a private match, and as you’re driving around just messing about, you’ll notice that the All-Star bots can’t even jump properly. In fact, they can’t aerial at all. These are the things you used to struggle against, and while it’s nice to have something to show how far you’ve come, it would also be nice to be able to have a challenge without relying on other people.

Please give us better bots.

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The Rocket League Bots Are Trash And We Need Better Options

With all of that in mind, maybe it’s about time the bots in Rocket League got a bit of a level up. We get that these things might be hard to program, and we understand that these things take a lot of time, but we also know that there are examples of how good an AI bot can be, and all you have to do to see what’s possible is watch the above video from Rocket Sledge.

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In the video, he shows off two incredible bots. Bumblebee is probably the more fascinating of the ones shown off, as it’s one AI controlling all three bots. What this means is that they all work together in a way that even the pros can’t manage. As a result of this, the three co-ordinate proper team plays, which is something you’ll never see normal bots doing. It’s incredible, but so is their ability to do aerials and actually use some of the more advanced Rocket League mechanics.

The other main bots shown off is Botimus Prime, which is a 1v1 bot designed to give literally everyone a run for their money. It’s showcased against Widow, who, through sheer force of will and some very colourful language, manages to overcome the bot. We’ve never actually tried out these bots, but it actually looks like you could get better by playing them, and it would definitely be nice to play someone who isn’t going to spam What a Save! every two seconds.

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